Our Turret punch machine has multiple-station with triple-track turret coupled with auto-index function that greatly reduces tool changing time, processing time and tooling costs. It maximizes machine flexibility and provides finished part quality. It is able to achieve tighter tolerances, extended tool and machine life, superior edge quality and accuracy with low noise emission compared to mechanical punch presses.

Our press brake is an up-acting hydraulic press brake with 88 tons of capacity and a bed length of 8′(2.4m). It has an NC controller, which is used to control the ram and backgauge, as well as other appropriate functions. As such, we are able to achieve both high accuracy and dimension repeatability for bending our parts.

Carry out simultaneously turning operations with lower turret and milling operations with upper milling head what increases productivity of the machine. Such integration of the turning and milling processes in one machine, gives possibility to make part with one single set-up, by increasing significantly precision and productivity.

Corrosion Testing is an environmental simulation that helps you estimate component service life. The Salt Spray Test is an accelerated corrosion test used to evaluate the relative corrosion resistance materials exposed to a salt spray or salt fog at an elevated temperature.

As indicated earlier, CEI is able to fulfill low and high volume production requirement. With this flexibility, our clients can be rest assured that we are able to grow with them. Currently, we have a range of power presses from 25 tons to a maximum of 110 tons.

Equipped with Fastener Press machine, we are able to safely, reliably, accurately, and quickly install fasteners. The entire fastener installation process is streamlined. No matter how complex or simple an installation is, our fastener press system will provide you with quality results.

Robot welding is the use of mechanized programmable tools (robots), which completely automate a welding process by both performing the weld and handling the part. We currently possess multiple units performing MIG welding operations for our customers.

Our welding department includes highly skilled welders to perform 3G & 6G welding operations to meet customers’ specifications.

Our powder coating facilities is capable of coating any type of epoxy color powder that customers may require. Our stringent quality checks on our chemical treatment baths and powder coating process controls ensure that the coating achieve our customers’ specifications in terms of coat thickness and durability.

Thermal spraying, also commonly known as metal spraying is a surface engineering/coating process where a wide range of metals and ceramics can be sprayed onto the surface of another material.